Are you tired of the constant fear-mongering surrounding sun exposure? We understand. At TG, our philosophy revolves around holistic well-being that transcends mere skin deep. It's about feeling radiant in your skin, energized in your everyday life, and calm within your natural surroundings. Our skincare products tap into your body's innate healing abilities, liberating you from dependence on chemical-laden sunscreens and acne-treatments. Instead of merely "shielding" your skin from the sun's rejuvenating rays, we are here to guide you in fully embracing the sun by being ‘Sunwise’, which means embracing wisdom, not fear - so you can unlock enhanced beauty and overall well being.

In the wise words of an English physician from a bygone era: "Properly aired and sunlit skin becomes smooth, supple, and resistant to issues like pimples, acne, and infections. Sunshine is nature's ultimate beauty secret. Skin, nourished by sun exposure, gains strength and resilience while maintaining its delicate softness. Sun-kissed skin leads to a revitalized appearance, with wrinkles fading away, resulting in increased beauty." These timeless sentiments from "Sunlight and Health" in 1922 remind us of the incredible benefits of sun exposure.

True, our skin can be vulnerable to sunburn, and overexposure can have visible consequences. But here's the modern twist: our relationship with the sun doesn't have to be all or nothing. By making informed choices, you can cultivate a healthy and enjoyable connection with our age-old companion, the sun.

Step 1: Adopt SunWise Practices

  1. Timing is key: Opt for sun exposure during the morning to noon when the sun's rays are less intense and most beneficial, minimizing the risk of sunburn. Tanning in the spring, when your skin is more adaptable to the sun's rays, can also be advantageous. 
  2. Gradual Exposure: Gradual exposure helps your skin build tolerance, but remember to restore your skin's barrier integrity by avoiding harsh chemicals and over-exfoliation. 
  3. Unobstructed Sunlight: Removing barriers like windows, sunglasses, and synthetic sunscreens whenever possible allows your skin to interact directly with the sun, reaping its benefits. Crack your car windows while driving to bend light rays and enable your skin to absorb the full spectrum of sunlight.  
  4. Cherish Sunrise and Sunset: Embrace the beauty of sunrise and sunset, exposing as much skin as possible during these times for gentle and beneficial sun exposure. 
  5. Listen to Your Body: Above all, listen to your body. When your skin blushes pink from the sun, it's time to seek the shade.


Step 2: Incorporate a SunWise Diet

  1. Quality Cholesterol: Include high-quality sources of cholesterol in your diet, such as raw dairy, organic eggs, butter, and steak. These foods provide essential fatty acids, vitamins, and nutrients that promote skin vitality and resilience. Research from the "Journal of the American College of Nutrition" in 2010 indicates that dietary fats, including cholesterol, can enhance skin health by improving hydration and overall appearance.
  2. Low PUFA sources: Opt for low polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) sources of fat, including cold-water fish, meat and dairy from pasture-raised animals, coconut, and olive oils. These nourishing options not only promote skin health but also enhance the positive effects of sun exposure. Say goodbye to the widespread use of polyunsaturated fatty acids, a staple in virtually every processed food item, because these fats not only disrupt intercellular communication but also compromise immune functions, inflict damage upon our DNA, and, to add to the list of woes, have been linked to the development of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. 
  3. Antioxidant-rich Fruits: Incorporate deeply pigmented fruits that are in season, as they are your skin's best allies. Bursting with antioxidants, they shield your skin from oxidative stress induced by excess sun exposure.
  4. Hydration is key: Deeply hydrate with mineral-rich salts, fruits, citrus, raw seafood, and spring water for proper hydration. Hydration is your primary defense against sun-related dehydration, so remember to hydrate both before and after sun exposure for a radiant complexion.
  5. Support your liver and kidneys: Nourish your liver with coffee enemas, dandelion root, and glutathione, while maintaining proper hydration to support your kidneys – the internal powerhouses responsible for converting Vitamin D.
  6. Magnesium matters: Reintroduce magnesium into your routine, as it plays a pivotal role in the synthesis and activation of vitamin D when your skin is exposed to sunlight.

How our skin reacts to sunlight is intrinsically linked to our internal nourishment and hydration. Skin cells flourish when fortified with essential nutrients derived from whole foods and sustained hydration, thereby enhancing their resilience in the face of sun exposure. Building an internal defense mechanism akin to SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is what we call eating a ‘SunWise diet’. 

Step 3: Use SunWise Skincare

Turning to topical, skin-protective lipids such as Cholesterol NF in our 03 Serum (enriched with top-quality cosmetic-grade cholesterol) allows the skin and sun to wisely interact. This is because Cholesterol is a critical component of the stratum corneum, the outermost skin layer that acts as a barrier, preventing moisture loss and safeguarding the skin from external irritants.

It also declines with age, so in youthful and healthy skin, approximately 25% of the lipid layer that forms the skin's protective barrier is composed of cholesterol. However, as we age, a significant decline in cellular cholesterol levels occurs. This decrease in cholesterol is not just a cosmetic concern but a fundamental biomarker of aging, affecting all cells in our body, including skin cells. Which is why it was paramount to us to assist wise skin in its own vitamin D synthesis. 

Renowned scientists like Georgi Dinkov and Dr. Ray Peat, PhD, have shed light on the pivotal role of cholesterol in skin health, noting that it helps keep live cells energized and prevents the production of those unwanted dead, flaky cells as well as being essential for maintaining the youthful, vibrant appearance of our skin. 

Furthermore, it actively promotes the production of fresh collagen. Collagen is the structural protein responsible for keeping our skin firm and youthful. By encouraging collagen production, cholesterol contributes to healthy, radiant skin.


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Now that you know how to be sunwise, we want you to remember that the sun is not an enemy but a timeless companion on your journey to holistic health. At TG, we find ourselves coming back to these age-old principles that the cosmetic world has profited from lobbying against, because we're dedicated to helping you discover the harmonious relationship between your body, your skin, your mind and your environment. Here's to a life filled with the warmth and vitality that only the sun can offer! Shine on, Beauty! x

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