Step into the world of A TROPICÓS GIRL, where self-assuredness and an abiding love for the natural realm harmonize. In her realm, she discovers that less is indeed more. The sun becomes her closest confidant, bestowing upon her a sun-kissed radiance and enduring strength, akin to the tides. Her skin, adorned with the remnants of salt and sand, serves as a canvas that chronicles her adventures. She seeks no external validation, boldly claiming her beauty and relentlessly pursuing her dreams with unwavering faith. Every endeavor she undertakes fortifies her body and nourishes her spirit.

Our mission is to illuminate the stories of remarkable women who, like her, embrace their identity and uniqueness by showcasing them in their truest form, in their SKIN.

Join us in a conversation with this month's TROPICÓS GIRL: Whitney Derochemont.


She’s well known for her Hawaiian lifestyle that she shares on Instagram with her husband and two baby boys, and her community which boasts 3,000 people. Her energy is true isla style with a flare of fun, and we want to let you in on our chat with Whitney:

'...Salt and sand cling to her skin' 
Instagram: @thesunshinesutra
Hi Whitney, where are you from + where do you currently live? HI! I'm from the Big Island of Hawaii and currently live there with my husband and 2 children. :)


How do you enjoy spending your days?


There's multiple ways I enjoy spending my days and that's: Quality time with my husband and children. A good farmers market. Beach Days. Thrifting with no kids haha!


Who or what inspires you at the moment? 

My children.     

To see the world through their eyes. To witness and experience their love. They inspire me to be better, to do better, each and every day. They inspire me to think bigger, dream bigger, than I ever have before. And for them I'm forever grateful


Daily uniform? White hanes boyfriend tank and cut off jean shorts. 










What is something that helps you with a positive mindset? My current life motto - Everything is   always working out for me. Anytime something doesn't go "right"  or the way "I think it should go", I repeat this to myself.   When everything's going right and the way I planned it, I repeat this to myself.  When I'm stepping into the unknown, trying something new or pitching a brand, I repeat this to myself. GAME CHANGER.

A life changing realization you've had? I'm worthy. I'm worthy of it all.

An expert who has significantly helped you? The last few years have been extremely transformative for me. Every area of my life I've done and continue to do work on. Joe Dispenza and his work has played a major role in helping me do this. I also love listening to Lacy Phillips and her insight on Manifestation.


What's your favorite TG product? 

Obsessed with the ESSENCE. 


What are some skin habits you can't live without? My skin care routine. What I have to have - a cleanser, toner/essence, serum and moisturizer. Facial massage while applying skin care. It feels amazing and anything and everything to help with de-puffing. Ice roller or cold plunge.

Am ritual? 
My weekday morning routine is my favorite. My husband and I tag team which allows for both of us to enjoy our mornings and in turn an amazing rest of our day.  The first part of the morning I enjoy a cup of coffee while getting my oldest ready for school. It's usually just my oldest son and I so we get a little time to catch up. My husband takes him to school with my youngest tagging along giving me "my time", which I cherish so deeply. I'll turn on a Pilates or yoga class via YouTube or Gaia and get in my movement. Following my workout I do contrast therapy in our infrared sauna and cold plunge. After my movement and health practices are done it's skin care time and getting ready for the rest of my day.  Weekends I stay open to the ebb and flow.;) 


Pm ritual? Night time is all over the place and the wheels are falling off by 7. Once everyones asleep I shut the door to the bathroom and take a moment for myself. (I think every mom can relate to this.) My PM skin care routine is really the only "ritual" that I have in place and to me it's sacred.

My night time skin care routine -
Cleanser by Tropicós Girl
Acid Resurfacing Toner by Moon Juice
Essence by Tropicós Girl
Serum by Tropicós Girl 
Vitamin C Serum by One Love Organics
Retinol Alternative by Eminence
Rejuvenating Night Oil by Marie Veronique


Fav tune? Oooh this is hard to answer! My taste in music is all over the place. I love oldies but also get down with drake, ya know? Some of my fave artists: The Fugees, Stevie Wonder, Sly & The Family Stone, The Police, Gregory Issacs 

Fav drink? Non alcoholic - Kombucha / Alcoholic - Red Wine

Go-to, quick healthy meal? I try to shop local and organic whenever possible. Being in Hawaii we have amazing fish and local produce.  A piece of fish and a colorful salad is my GO-TO. 

Three things you always keep stocked in your fridge? Probiotic spicy fermented sriracha by Wild Brine, Macadamia nut butter and an assortment of cheese (balance)


Lastly, what is your best advice for women? 

I find advice is hard to give when I don't know the person or what that person is going through, etc. Sooo, this isn't advice but more of a reminder... You are beautiful. You are seen. You are capable. You are worthy. 



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