Are you weary from the relentless quest for the perfect skincare routine? Your search ends here. Tropicós Girl has meticulously crafted a simple trio of skincare essentials, drawing inspiration from the science of Ocean Therapíe by Dr. Rene Quinton and the Pro-Metabolic Principles of Dr. Ray Peat. Our mission extends beyond rejuvenating your skin – we're here to rekindle that coveted 'Island Glow' you've always envisioned.

Setting TG's Trio Apart: A Unique Skincare Approach

What distinguishes TG's trio is our pure + synergistic approach to skincare. We go the extra mile, beyond incorporating well-known and effective ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, niacinamide (vitamin B3), aloe vera, and exfoliating acids. We harmoniously blend these proven components with tropical, mineral-rich, and electrolyte-packed elements such as coconut water, guava, pearl powder, and ozonated water. The result is a synergy and absorption-enhancing concoction that sets our products apart from the rest.

While many skincare lines emphasize vitamins, they often overlook the vital minerals required for the body and skin to efficiently absorb these essential nutrients. This is where the magic unfolds, and our trio delivers truly remarkable results for your skin.

Achieving Clear, Healthy, and Glowing 'Island Skin' in 3 Steps

Step 01: Deep Ocean Cleanse + Makeup Removing Drops

Our journey begins with the Deep Ocean Cleanse + Makeup Removing Drops, a luxurious escape into skincare. This nourishing oil-based cleanser, suitable for all skin types, effortlessly dissolves makeup. Enriched with sea minerals, coconut acids, and the essence of neroli, it's a treasure trove of Lauric and caprylic acids, antioxidants, vitamins E, K, and A, and polyphenols. It's more than cleansing; it's a rejuvenating dip in the ocean, washing the day away. This transformative product dissolves impurities, toxins, and makeup, leaving you with a fresh complexion, silky skin, and the restoration of your skin's protective barrier.

 Step 02: Hydrating Essence Drops

Next, quench your skin's thirst with our Hydrating Essence Drops, your skin's very own electrolyte drink. This toner infuses your skin with the power of hyaluronic acid, guava, coconut water, and niacinamide, setting the stage for optimal serum absorption. The reward? A luminous, hydrated complexion that's prepared to take on the world.

Step 03: Dewy Youth Serum Drops

The grand finale of our Essential Trio is the Youth Drops serum—a harmonious blend of rejuvenating ingredients. We've combined vitamin C, French calcium, Akoya pearl, Cholesterol NF, and magnolia. It's like a multivitamin for your skin, improving texture, tone, and function while optimizing your skin’s relationship with the sun's rays.

The Science Behind the Trio

Our formulations are first focused on low-PUFA oils. Our skin readily recognizes the chemical makeup of oils as it is very similar to the Sebum (a natural, oil-like substance, our skin creates to protect and lubricate itself) and allows us to work with the natural processes of the skin to ensure the barrier and bioterrain are undisrupted.

We draw inspiration from the sought after science of Ocean Therapíe by Dr. Rene Quinton and the Pro-Metabolic Principles of Dr. Ray Peat. These principles guide our selection of nutrient forms that work cohesively to nourish the skin with food-grade ingredients that nature abundantly offers. Our formulations don't just sit on the surface; they are expertly crafted to be readily absorbed by your skin. Consequently, your skin enjoys a seamless relationship with our products. It remains free from confusion, irritation, or inflammation and instead revels in a harmonious, calm, and naturally balanced state.


Experience 'Island Skin' with Tropicós Girl's Daily 3-Step Essential Trio:



Ready to embrace simplicity, synergy, and the sea-inspired magic of Tropicos Girl's Essential 3-Step Daily Trio? Say goodbye to the complexity of skincare routines and hello to the transformation you've been waiting for. Don't miss out on this skincare journey—it's time to experience 'Island Skin' for yourself.

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