(Skin-foods /skin-fo͞ods/ noun: 

Foods we love that love our complexions back)

Skin foods are simple yet super-rejuvenating, and consuming them truly sets the foundation we need to thrive and glow. They can be nourishing, cleansing, hydrating, or rich – but the common thread they all weave together is the creation of our best complexion ever. This week we want to shine the skin food spotlight on a fruit native to subtropical areas: the GUAVA fruit! 

Guavas come in various colors, such as pink, yellow, and green, and are considered in season from August through October and February through March. They are commonly consumed in jams, juices, and preserves to avoid their hard seeds and extract their punchy, tropical flavor. When it comes to their benefits, one study shares:  

"A long history of guava's traditional use was reported in a review by Hawrelak, who stated that various parts of the guava plant were utilized for its properties as an astringent, antimicrobial, emmenagogue, gastrointestinal antispasmodic, and anti-inflammatory." Anticancer Activity of Guava Extracts (2010)⁣ 

Another benefit of the Guava fruit is its high levels of Apigenin. Apigenin is a flavonoid that defends the body against inflammation and carcinogens. It can promote hair growth, lower inflammation, and even fight cancerous tumors. Dr. Raymond Peat says that: "Some of the most important anti-nitric oxide defenses are progesterone, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin A, niacinamide, coffee, aspirin, and foods containing flavonoids, terpenoids, polyphenols, and sterols. Grass-fed milk contains a variety of polyphenols. Citrus fruits, many tropical fruits (e.g., guavas, longans, and lychees), and cooked mushrooms are good sources of Apigenin, naringenin, and related chemicals" (2016). Chamomile, parsley, and celery are also high in Apigenin, as found in our research.

We were fascinated to learn of these bountiful guava fruit benefits. But how do we incorporate it into our daily diet? One of our favorite ways to consume the guava fruit is with our 'Guava Glow' morning toast. To prepare this, toast a slice of sourdough bread, spread raw butter on top, then add an organic & clean guava jam (just guava and sugar), and to finish, sprinkle fresh bee pollen over the toast. Pair your toast with some scrambled eggs and a warm coffee and you'll have a radiant, skin-food-centered breakfast plate. 

However you consume this beauty fruit, whether in a refreshing juice or on a warm slice of morning toast, remember that you can always choose to nurture the relationship between your skin and food by getting to know each of them intimately & how they interact. Empowering yourself with this knowledge means living your most vibrant life and genuinely radiating from within. 


Ashley Lange is a certified IHP (Integrative Health Practitioner), wellness innovator, and writer based in San Diego, CA. When she’s not with her pup at dog beach or in the mountains skiing with family, she enjoys empowering others through research-forward writing and holistic skin education.

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