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Bone broth has attained a cult following this past decade, and for a good reason! It helps to regenerate the collagen-rich areas of the body (hair, skin, nails, joints) and does a great job of lowering inflammation. Shelby (founder & CEO of Shelby Naturals) has been drinking one cup of bone broth daily for years and her results are eerily similar to botox!

Her recipe /

01 BONE BROTH, homemade or store-bought in the freezer section

02 Spritz of lemon

03 Sprinkle of salt

04 Topped with fresh herbs, like parsley or rosemary

05 All warmed on the stove & poured into a morning mug to sip on as you begin your day x

She first learned of this sexy skin drink through Louis Hay, a wellness visionary and author who lived into her nineties. In one of her interviews, when asked about her secrets to beauty and longevity, she revealed: "I'm a bone broth girl." She praised the benefits of having one cup of bone broth daily and recommended it to heal your digestive tract and energize your body (while bone broth may seem modern, Louise has been consuming it since the '60s!) She first learned of its use in Chinese and Asian cultures, where they would prepare chicken foot soup to give them younger-looking skin and eat the skin of fish and animals to boost steroid hormones responsible for youthfulness in the body. 

Eating the entire animal (bones, skin, muscles, and dairy if it's cattle) also creates health harmony. Muscle meats such as chicken breast contain tryptophan and cysteine, whereas bone broth (made from bones and cartilage) contains glycine and proline. They act in synergy and together, promote well-being. Without that nose-to-tail / amino-acid synergy, you may be causing inflammation in the body! 

5 Amino Acids Found In Bone Broth:

01 Proline / Builds collagen in the arteries and skin & helps with whole-body protein synthesis. The requirements of proline are the greatest among all amino acids. 

02 Glycine / Synthesizes DNA, RNA, hemoglobin, bile salts, and stomach acid, increases wound healing & decreases inflammation. 

03 L Glutamine / Rebuilds tissue in the muscles, gut lining, liver, and brain and is helpful in whole-body detoxification. 

04 Alanine / Fuel muscles and is essential to the central nervous system. It strengthens the immune system and helps the body utilize sugars, too. 

05 Hydroxyproline / Protects bone loss and plays a crucial role in collagen stability.

(Note the collagen-rich cuts: lamb neck, shank, oxtail, chicken feet, wings, skin, pork rinds, marrow)


Are you convinced to try a daily cup for yourself? If it doesn't appeal to your senses, we suggest utilizing gelatinous elements in your everyday cooking. Some ways to do this include cooking rice in bone broth (or even throwing a chicken foot in as the rice cooks in simple filtered water) or eating high-quality pork rind chips, slow-roasted oxtail, and yummy bone marrow. One more option (if you are more of a powder person) is high-quality gelatin powder. It doesn't require cooking, can easily be dissolved in warm water, and later incorporated into gummies, custards, mousses, ice cream, soups, and sauces. Either way, youthful, plump, botox-free skin will be yours to discover!


Ashley Lange is a certified IHP (Integrative Health Practitioner), wellness innovator, and writer based in San Diego, CA. When she’s not with her pup at dog beach or in the mountains skiing with family, she enjoys empowering others through research-forward writing and holistic skin education.

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