We’re incredibly passionate about the ingredients we use in our products, which means quality is our top priority. Free from fillers and toxic preservatives, we prefer to focus on using high-quality, active botanicals in our products. This makes them incredibly effective, deeply nourishing and protective while fighting premature aging and enhancing your natural beauty.

Organic marula oil is one of the main ingredients in our Serum, and we chose this powerhouse multi-tasker for a reason. Like most oils it’s great for hydration, but it goes far beyond that. On top of hydration, it has anti-inflammatory effects, softens your skin, fights signs of aging, and is full of antioxidants to combat free radical damage. Marula oil is an emollient, which means it helps repair and fill in the cracks in the skin barrier to smooth and soften skin. It’s full of fatty acids to seal in moisture and nourish your skin while making it incredibly soft but not greasy. It’s high levels of fatty acids are what contribute to it’s anti-inflammatory effects that help with healing, redness and reducing inflammation. Marula oil is also non-comedogenic, so it’s won’t clog your pores. It has strong antioxidant effects due to it’s high levels of vitamin E, C and a phytochemical called epicatechin. Antioxidants are great in skincare because they help fight off free radical damage caused by things we can be exposed to daily like pollution and UV rays. They also protect against the breakdown of collagen and elastin, meaning marula oil has anti-aging properties to help ward off fine lines and wrinkles.

It’s virtually good for all skin types, can be used daily, can be layered over other products to help sell them in and works well with all our other active ingredients. We’ve thoughtfully researched and sourced all our ingredients in order to ensure high quality so that we can create truly high-performing products. Marula oil is incredibly nourishing for the skin and we hope that by understanding why certain ingredients are in your products, will help connect you even further to what you’re  putting in and on your body.


 Julia Gibson is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, functional foods recipe developer, and write currently based in Toronto. She hopes to inspire and empower others by creating nourishing foods, living a sustainable life, promoting holistic healing and sharing thoughtful writing.

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