With the different seasons, my love for matcha never falters. Instead, I take the weather changes as an opportunity to get creative and experiment with my morning matcha. Lately on hot sweltering days, my newest obsession has been an iced matcha lemonade. Super simple to make and incredibly satisfying, a big cold glass of this quenches my thirst and my morning caffeine cravings all in one.

1 Teaspoon Matcha Powder
1-2 Teaspoons Raw Honey
1-2 Tablespoons Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
1 Scoop Collagen Powder (optional)
Ice & Water to Fill a Large Glass

Combine the matcha powder, raw honey and collagen powder together with a little bit of hot water. Whisk until dissolved.
Add your desired amount of ice to your glass and squeeze the lemon juice over top. Pour in the matcha mixture, then fill the glass with cold water. Use a reusable straw or spoon to stir and enjoy!


Julia Gibson is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, functional foods recipe developer, and write currently based in Toronto. She hopes to inspire and empower others by creating nourishing foods, living a sustainable life, promoting holistic healing and sharing thoughtful writing.

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