We love a warm cup of coffee (and maybe even more so the earthy, bold aroma that fills the home when it’s brewing) – but the result isn’t always that controlled flow of energy and creativity that we crave. Instead, it’s symptoms of an imbalanced nervous system such as a sudden rush of jitters, anxiety, and shakiness.

Where most blame the bean itself, we believe in cultivating a healthy consumption of it. Knowing how to hit the brake pedals after accelerating from the rich caffeine allows us to harness the health benefits that coffee offers (thyroid-stimulating, rich in minerals and vitamins, natural fat burner, anti-inflammatory, a potent liver tonic, and more). 

So we share with you below our top 5 tips for drinking coffee and keeping the skin, mind, and body clear:

  1. Consume food first – a meal with healthy carbs, proteins, and fats (or 2-3 meals depending on the health of your nervous system) will allow your glycogen stores to replenish. As the coffee increases the body’s glucose consumption, it will have the perfect amount of sugar to give, halting the cortisol and adrenaline rush (or the too-depleted-for-coffee stress response).  

  1. Sugar is the ‘breaks’ – While caffeine is the accelerator, a natural source of sugar (local honey, maple syrup, pure cane sugar, or any earth-grown sweetener of your choice) is the brakes. This combination is gold for calming the nervous system when drinking coffee. 

  1. Use real milk - If you’re pairing the coffee with milk, try to see through the nut milk creamer marketing - if you’re avoiding dairy milk for health reasons. Not only is high-quality A2 milk rich in Retin-A, but the poor effects of hemp, soy, flax, macadamia, oat, and any nut milk containing cheap, processed seed oils and synthetic supplements greatly outweigh the health benefits of the nuts (P.S. Here is a resource to find high-quality milk in your area). 

  1. Buy local beans –  Avoid mycotoxins by choosing USA-grown or lab-tested beans. We love this lab-tested biodynamic coffee for both mold and heavy metals. It’s also important to roast them fresh and store them in an infrared storage container. 

  1. Build resilience in the nervous system – if you feel a stress response (jitters/anxiety) to the caffeine, it’s the body’s way of saying that it needs fuel. Minerals and sugar are essential to a healthy nervous system. To ensure healthy mineral balance, eat enough local seafood and shellfish, drink coconut water and bone broth, and enjoy a plethora of fruits. While doing so, try to increase any activities that feel relaxing to you. Beachgoing, sunbathing, socializing, dancing in the fresh air, reading, and even a simple meditation practice can work with your restored mineral balance to help cultivate a nervous system that can sustain caffeine & bring calm to the body. 

Remember, when you’re eating enough carbohydrates and animal protein while implementing these tips, coffee can (and will) increase your metabolic rate and support your healing journey. 

We’d love to hear your favorite way to brew, mix, and enjoy your cup of coffee – we need all the details!


Ashley Lange is a certified IHP (Integrative Health Practitioner), wellness innovator, and writer based in San Diego, CA. When she’s not with her pup at dog beach or in the mountains skiing with family, she enjoys empowering others through research-forward writing and holistic skin education.


Image source: @parysatis

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