Since becoming a new mama to my beautiful baby boy Oak, I have quickly learned that time is limited. I have found a new appreciation and outlook for each minute of the day, and am continuously learning on how to balance caring for my family, home, business, and myself! With my "perfectionist" tendencies, I find myself trying to do everything, often inflicting discouragement for not being able to check every task off my list. So while I find being organized and having a "to-do" list essential, I have given myself this new forgiveness if I can't check off all the boxes. Prioritization is key, and for me, my family (including myself, of course) has to come first.

Here are some simple ways I have learned to care for my skin and self as a new mother:

1. Keeping my daily skin care ritual short and sweet is a must, and honestly very refreshing. This is easy as I rely on the Daily Essentials Set, Cleanser / Toner / Serum, to keep my skin hydrated and glowing day and night. I also love to make a quick DIY five to ten minute mask before I jump in the shower with Manuka Honey, Manuka Essential Oil and Pearl Powder.  I just mix a dollop of the honey with a drop or two of essential oil, and about a 1/4 teaspoon of pearl powder. My skin always feels so refreshed and dewy afterwards! I do the mask about twice a week.

2. Expanding on my skin ritual, reaching for three makeup products when I do decide to put some extra effort in has saved me around 20 minutes! Any extra time as a new mama is a gift.

I always start with RMS Uncover Up. This has been my favourite concealer for ten years! It does not disappoint, and works so well with the Serum.

I then reach for the RMS Buriti Bronzer to add some colour to my skin. It works so well as a blush too!

Last but not least, I rely on the RMS Straight Up Volumizing Mascara. It is the best natural mascara I have ever tried!

3. This collagen vanilla drink has become my best friend in the morning. My little guy usually likes to wake up around 6:30AM, and needs a lot of attention in the morning. I wake up pretty hungry every day, and like to eat within 30 minutes of waking, as this greatly helps my blood sugar and hormone balance! This quick recipe satiates me and gives me the energy I need to start the day.

Collagen Vanilla Drink /

Simply whisk a raw egg yolk (make sure you get your eggs from a trusted source. I prefer pasture-raised) with 1 tablespoon of rapidura or sucanat sugar in a large mug for about a minute. You can add in 1/2 teaspoon of Pearl Powder for added minerals and calcium! I then steam (or warm) about 3/4 cup of milk and add half of it to my egg yolk mixture. I whisk in a scoop of collagen, add in about a half teaspoon of reishi mushroom powder, and a dash of vanilla bean paste (powder or extract works too!). I then add in the rest of the milk to my mug and enjoy!

4. When I get overwhelmed, I love to take a few drops of a flower remedy. This instantly relaxes me, especially when I step outdoors after taking it. It helps me to have a better outlook, and eases any stress or anxiety I might be feeling. I love Alexis Smart flower remedies, especially this one.

5. Going for long walks outdoors is essential for me. After giving birth to Oak, I did not pressure myself to loose the weight, and my husband was incredibly supportive with this. I let my body recover slowly after giving birth, and ensured I was eating plenty of nutrient-dense calories, minerals, and vitamins from whole foods. During that time, I started going for long walks everyday, and felt so revived doing so. I continue to walk, and have implemented more exercises like Essentrics, a program that blends together yoga, pilates and tai chi. I love these exercises as they have truly helped my body heal, and help with any back pain from breastfeeding and carrying Oak. I have started weight training slowly, and only do weights when I feel up for it. It is estimated that 10% of your mineral stores are lost after having a baby, and as I hope to have more children, I really want to ensure my body is strong and cared for. I am often tempted to do extreme workouts to loose some of the excess belly weight quickly, but know I will only feel tired and depleted afterwards. Slow and steady is my new motto!

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