Ten years ago marked the beginning of my journey into the world of skin and health issues. I grappled with persistent hormonal acne, unruly and highly sensitive skin, the challenges of rosacea, and the aftermath of scarring (yes, I was guilty of picking at my acne – a practice I strongly discourage). I understood that I needed a holistic approach, but I was clueless about where to begin. This is how Shelby Naturals came into existence, and it has been a transformative journey for the past decade. Shelby Naturals emerged as a clean, luxurious line of daily skincare essentials, specifically designed for individuals like me who were struggling with persistent acne, sensitive skin, and premature aging. It marked my initial venture into holistic skincare, rooted in a simple philosophy: beauty radiates from within, and the products we apply to our skin truly matter. Today, after ten years, I hold this belief stronger than ever, and I've identified some crucial missing elements.


Numerous skincare brands emphasize the importance of essential vitamins, with products brimming with Vitamin A, E, C, and D lining store shelves. However, my background in nutrition led me to a crucial realization – the body can't efficiently absorb essential vitamins without minerals. This raised an intriguing question: could the same principle apply to our skin? I began incorporating mineral-rich ingredients like pearl powder, guava, and coconut into my regimen, and the results were astonishing.

But, that’s not it, after becoming a new mother and desiring the most optimal health for my children, I delved into the detrimental effects of factory-farmed seed oils and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). I learned that they tend to oxidize rapidly, accelerate premature aging, and hinder our skin's ability to absorb the sun's beneficial rays, posing harmful consequences when we expose ourselves to sunlight after consumption. Starting with dietary adjustments, I eliminated seed oils from my kitchen and daily routine, leading to a significant improvement in my health. However, I encountered a new challenge.

I couldn't find a single skincare product that didn't contain sunflower oil, which prompted a new need – a skincare line that incorporated the minerals essential for effective vitamin absorption, offered nourishment, and allowed us to bask in the sun without fearing oxidation from seed oils.


From our initial motto of "pure, organic, simple," we've evolved to embrace a new mantra – "pure, organic, simple, clinically-active, and sun-kissed." Every endeavor at TROPICOS GIRL is rooted in your well-being, crafted by Isla girls for Isla girls. We intimately understand the struggles you face and have chosen to pamper, nurture, and cherish our skin. Our innovative blend includes sea-sourced minerals, pure organic olive oil directly from the source, and other medicinal skin nourishers.


TROPICOS GIRL is more than just a skincare line; it's a holistic reset for your skin that doesn't strip away its natural balance. We've engineered our products to interact with the sun's rays positively, turning the sun into a source of healing rather than a source of fear. Our goal is to awaken, balance, clear, smooth, and soften your skin.

We follow:
— Skin's ideal pH of 5.2
— Non-Irritating, Non-Comedogenic
— Seed-oil free
— No Silicones + Petroleum Based Ingredients
— No Sneaky Ethoxylated Ingredients, or off-gassing preservatives
— Vegan & Cruelty-Free
— Travel Safe
— Environmentally friendly
— No fragrance or fragrance loopholes


We envision a future where we no longer fear the sun but embrace it as a source of nourishment for both our body and skin. In this future, we are in harmony with our skin, providing it with the highest quality natural, pure, and simple ingredients. Over the past decade of transformation, we have adopted a new, innovative skincare philosophy, one that we are committed to upholding in our new line of TROPICOS GIRL care products.


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