Flower remedies are proof that magic exists. They’re essences that have been imprinted with the energy of the flowering part of wild plants, bushes and trees and are used to bring us back to emotional balance. They were discovered by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930’s, who was a British physician and homeopath. He felt that conventional medicine was lacking a focus on healing the emotional side of people, and believed that emotions had an effect on physical health. Bach recognized that the body has self-healing mechanisms, and truly felt that if he could find a way to bring people back to a place of emotional balance, then the body would be able to self-heal. So he left his practice in London, moved to the English countryside and spent years discovering, developing and testing his flower remedies.

     Bach discovered 38 essences that cover and address essentially every possible issue that we may experience in the emotional spectrum. So when it comes to flower remedies, the different essences are prescribed on the basis of the current emotional state of a person. This goes back to Bach’s belief that it is possible to treat physical illnesses when you heal the emotional issues that are connected to them. How they work is somewhat of a mystery, but they’re considered a “vibrational” medicine that is all about the mind-body connection. If you treat emotional imbalances, the body can focus on healing the physical and they have been used to treat anything from skin issues, fatigue and migraines to trauma, lack of confidence and jealousy.

     Flower remedies work by enhancing the positive in us, instead of focusing on simply eradicating the negative symptoms like most modern medicine promises to do. Because when you feel really good, there’s no room for anxieties, stresses and worries, and these negative qualities are able to melt away. They’re mysterious remedies, but they can be profoundly effective healing modalities when you take the one that is meant for you. My favourite place to get them is from Alexis Smart Flower Remedies. She makes beautiful formulas that cater to essentially every need you can think of, and she makes choosing the right one for you very easy.

     These magical essences are safe for pretty much everyone to use (even kids and pets!!),  and they truly have the power to take your healing to the next level.


 Julia Gibson is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, functional foods recipe developer, and write currently based in Toronto. She hopes to inspire and empower others by creating nourishing foods, living a sustainable life, promoting holistic healing and sharing thoughtful writing.


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