Everything You Need To Know About SPF

   SPF and sun protection is something we instantly connect to having more youthful, flawless and healthy skin... but is this even true?


     We hear about sunscreen being the #1 golden rule for anti-aging from models, media and marketing. And yes, getting too much sun and sun-burned does cause aging. But did you know that not getting enough sun and vitamin D from the sun also causes aging? So how do you get the perfect balance?


     The sun has two types of rays that hit our skin: UVA and UVB. UVA are the harmful rays, according to Dr. Zoltan Rona in his book " Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin." UVB rays are the rays you actually WANT to get some exposure too as they will deliver bioavailable Vitamin D directly through your skin and into your body. UVB rays are prevalent between 10am - 2pm, which is the "peak" time we've all been told to AVOID the sun. This is actually the most beneficial time to get exposure to the sun. The time around 10am and 2pm is the time you want to stay out of the sun or have a good natural SPF on, as the UVA rays are ruling these hours. 


     I don't want to get too much into Vitamin D in this article, but would like to give you a basic understanding as to why this vitamin is crucial. Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that our body does not produce on it's own... it needs sunlight. Vitamin D is synthesized in our skin when we are exposed to the sun (specifically UVB rays). Vitamin D is essential for hormone health, bone health (calcium cannot be absorbed into your bones without vitamin D), immune health, skin health (acne, rosacea, eczema...), reduces the appearance of aging (anti-aging), and the list goes on! You can find much research and benefits in tons of books, scientific studies and online about this incredible vitamin.


     Now that you understand how crucial Vitamin D is for overall health and radiant skin, it is important to discuss how and when to get it. I personally go into the sun everyday for 15 - 20 minutes, between 10am and 2pm, to get my daily dose of Vitamin D. I make sure to have skin exposed (arms and/or legs) and do NOT wear any sunscreen, as this blocks the vitamin D absorption into my skin and body. What I do wear is my daily SPF, which I will spill my secrets on right now.


     My everyday skin routine is simple yet extremely effective at keeping my skin looking youthful, acne-free and glowing with health and radiance. I use the Daily Essentials Set ( Cleanser, Toner and Serum ) and always finish with the Face Cream for extra protection, hydration and of course to prevent against aging as best I can. And the best news: two of those four products contain natural SPF. Forget white-cast, greasy and clogged skin. The Serum and the Face Cream both contain a natural SPF up to 30 using both combined that are perfect for protecting your skin day-to-day. They feel amazing, smell amazing and absorb almost immediately, leaving zero greasy-reside. Both the Serum and the Face Cream contain fruit, flower and plant oils that holistically work to stimulate skin cell regeneration (collagen baby), fade pigmentation, scarring, calm redness and protect your skin from the sun. Natural oils have an SPF rating and contain antioxidants, minerals, nutrients and phytochemicals that work in harmony to do all that I have described and so much more. Scientists don't even have a glimpse into what natural, active plants can really do and with the results I've seen on my skin and others using the formulas I have created, I am 100% convinced and passionate!


     One factor that is the most important that we easily forget about when trying to save money is QUALITY. This makes all the difference in the products you use, especially natural, as this will determine the results you will see from using a product. This is why quality is number one here at Shelby Naturals, and all the plant ingredients I source have to come from small, intimate companies that put quality and integrity first. Cold-pressed, pure, organic, wildcrafted; four important and necessary standards we go by. I wouldn't use anything less on my skin and body, and neither should you. The quality of an oil also determines how well it will work to protect your skin from the sun, among many other things! 


     Last but not least, my favourite natural sunscreens that I will use when I am going to the beach, going on vacation and basically when I am in direct sun exposure for an extended period of time.

1. Coola Matte Sunscreen SPF 30: One of the best natural sunscreens I've tried to date. No greasiness, whiteness, clogged pores... I was very happy with my purchase and will definitely buy this one again! I mainly used it on my face and neck.

Shop here: https://coolasuncare.com/collections/sunscreen/products/mineral-face-spf-30-unscented-matte-finish-tint-sunscreen-lotion

2. Green Beaver SPF 30 Spray Sunscreen: I never got burned using this sunscreen and it doesn't leave a white-cast on my body. Will continue to use for my body!

Shop here: https://greenbeaver.com/en/products/sunscreens/adult-natural-mineral-sunscreen-spray-spf-27


Another brand I trust is Suntegrity. This is their website here.


A breakdown of the three products I use everyday for SPF:

1. Shelby Naturals Serum: Find HERE.

2. Shelby Naturals Face Cream: Find HERE.

3. Shelby Naturals Body Oil: Find HERE.

I didn't talk about my deep love for the Body Oil, and will give you a quick overview. I took this baby on my recent trip to Florida and got the most beautiful, even and glowing tan ever! I applied the Body Oil daily to my entire body and topped it with the Green Beaver sunscreen spray. No burn, no grease and no dry skin. I already LOVE this oil (I should, I created it! Lol.) but was even more impressed with the results I saw from daily use in the tropics. 


     And that's all for now! If you would like more information, you can watch me explain all about sun protection and SPF HEREComment below if you have any questions, I would love to hear from you and your experience with protecting your skin from the sun! 



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