8 Foods We Eat For Clear Skin

8 Foods We Eat For Clear Skin


     Does what you eat affect your skin? Most definitely! I made this connection years ago when I noticed that some foods resulted in more acne and rosacea flare-ups, or just made me an overall undesirable person to be around with fluctuating mood swings and anxiety. The good news: you can control what foods you put in your mouth! These 8 foods that I share are what I eat for clear skin, hormone balance, and an all-around happy, thriving body.

     Dealing with chronic hormonal acne and rosacea led me to specialize in skin and hormones in my nutrition practice (and of course to start Shelby Naturals!) which has given me much knowledge and experience when it comes to the right foods to feed our bodies for optimum health.  Please remember that we are all unique and individual, and different foods respond differently for each of our bodies. I am still learning which foods are best for balancing my body, as this takes time! Start slow and be patient with your body. I would highly recommend exploring the Metabolic Typing Diet, a book that has radically changed my health and life. I do not believe that there is a diet or fad that works for everyone, and this explains why! Balance is key. Watch the video below to learn more about Metabolic Typing, and to find out what 8 foods I eat for clear skin!


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