Are you stimulating your lymphatic system in vain? What if I told you that your efforts to detox your body through modes like movement, dry brushing, and gua sha aren't as effective as they could be?

I recently learned from Dr. Perry Nickelston that our lymphatic system oftentimes becomes "clogged" in certain areas, and it is almost impossible to know where and if this is the case. As a quick refresher, your lymphatic system is your body's garbage-removal system that needs stimulation and movement to function optimally.

What is the solution? He recommends stimulating our six main lymphatic drainage points each day to ensure our lymphatic system is functioning as it should, effectively removing toxins so we can enjoy optimal health and beautiful skin. A sluggish lymphatic system leads to inflammation and disease, so you can see why this information can be life-changing!

Before you exercise, dry brush or even do lymphatic massage with your gua sha, try to stimulate your six lymphatic points. Once you clear the pathways, you can be rest assured that your efforts will be maximized for the results you are hoping to see!

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