30 Day Detox We're Doing to Balance Our Hormones

     Achieving optimal hormone balance is something I've finally fully accepted takes time and dedication. Struggling with hormone imbalances which resulted in hormonal-related acne, irregular periods, PMS, anxiety, stress... you get the picture... from when I was in my early teens well into adulthood pretty much dictated my main focus in life: to achieve optimal health via hormone harmony. This is why I am so passionate about holistic, WHOLE body health, on the inside with nutrition, and on the outside with skin care products, lifestyle practices, and nurturing your soul, because marrying every aspect of your life is the only way to achieve balance.

     After years of intense research and trying everything under the sun, I've come to know a lot about what to focus on to keep your ovaries, adrenals and whole body in a happy homeostasis. DISCLAIMER: there is no instant fix. There is no supplement, test, exercise, food(s) that will fix your problems in a day, week or month. We are all individual and unique, and what may solve someone else's problems, is not guaranteed to solve yours. C'est la vie! This is life! However, getting in touch and learning about your body is one of the best investments you can do for your overall health, and the best thing is that you can start today!

     Speaking of getting in touch with your body, I know my body has been yelling at me to do a detox of late. Stress has always been something I've put on body, more so mentally but also physically, and I personally deal with stress very poorly. This is one of the biggest factors that I attribute to intensifying my hormone imbalances and thus my acne. What really helps me to calm my stress response is to simplify my life! To stop overthinking and to start small, to be patient with my body. To celebrate each little achievement I make, whether it be drinking more water each day, doing that 30 minute walk outdoors that I always made excuses I was too busy for, taking 15 minutes in the morning and night to do my skin care routine... you name it! When I wake up each day with a thankful and grateful heart and mentality, it really changes everything.

     So where do you even start to balance your hormones? I think the best way to start is with whole, living foods! This is why I decided to start a 30 day detox. Now, I know you may be thinking that 30 days is a long time, but hear me out. Remember when I said there is no quick fix? Giving your body 30 days is really bare minimum to start seeing the results you want. However, if this is your first time doing a detox, doing at least 7 days will still give you positive results!

     Here is the *super* exciting part: I've put together the FULL detox for you and a complete week of planned meals and recipes, for free! You can download your Healthy Hormones manual here.

     I adapted, and was inspired to do this 30 day detox program from Dr. Jolene Brighten's book, Beyond the Pill. I would highly recommend purchasing and reading this book if you are struggling with hormone imbalances, or are on the birth control pill. Dr. Brighten did a fantastic job at simplifying the process to balance your hormones and reclaim your body, and as a Holistic Nutritionist myself, I found it very helpful!

     You can watch me prep and share my tips for the 30 Day Hormone Detox below:

     Have you found anything in particular that has helped you achieve more balance in your life? Let me know in the comments! :)




Shelby Red (Ondrus) is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and is the creator of Shelby Naturals, a clean, luxury line of skin essentials for your everyday. Struggling with persistent acne, sensitive skin and premature aging led Shelby to take a holistic approach to her life. She believes in a simple philosophy: beauty starts on the inside, out and what you put on your skin truly matters. Shelby is dedicated to creating products that are as pure as they are effective for a healthy, glowing and youthful complexion, and strives to help her clients and customers achieve their goals for a healthy, balanced body.

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