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A fresh, hydrating toner made with antibacterial colloidal silver, collagen-building and alpha hydroxy acid-rich neroli, and sweet orange, abundant in wrinkle-fighting and skin brightening vitamin C. Its main function is to effectively balance your pH after cleansing your skin, preventing against premature aging and breakouts. Smells like orange blossoms + bliss. An essential, multi-tasking addition to your skincare routine.


Restores skin’s pH after cleansing | Hydrates and balances  Calms redness | Helps tighten and improve skin texture


Spritz generously on skin after cleansing, or when skin needs a boost of hydration. Always use before applying the Serum and/or Face Cream, as it opens the pores and allows quick nutrient delivery. This is key.

Shelby's tip: I love to use the Toner when I am stressed, when my skin is dehydrated - basically all day long. It also gives me a quick pick me up after I workout at the gym, neutralizing unwanted bacteria and toxins that come from my sweat. I additionally love using it to set my makeup. It's glowing skin therapy in a bottle, my everyday skin saviour. 


We recommend you store your Toner in a cool, dark place to protect the integrity and quality of the product, ensuring maximum freshness and efficacy.

*glycerine (vegetable)
*argentum metallicum (colloidal silver)
*citrus aurantium (neroli)
*citrus sinensis (sweet orange)

  * indicates certified organic

Formulated for all skin types.
60 ml/2.03 fl. oz

"I've been on and off struggling with breakouts and my skin is very prone to redness/dryness. Few products have made as dramatic a difference to my skin as this one! My skin is much less red and much more calm even after a few applications. It's also super refreshing to apply. Highly recommend."  - katie

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